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According to Rep. Loretta Sanchez (I happen to live in her district), what we know so far is only a small part.
Doesn't surprise me. The NSA has run wild in the Bush years, and unfortunately, Mr. Obama has continued this abuse of power.


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This whole NSA spying thing is of course inherently wrong.
The Daily Show has put it very distinctly: "Good News - You're not paranoid."
This whole thing is worthy of a banana republic, not of the US. Heck, China's human rights violations look harmless compared to this abuse of basic rights.
This NSA spying is worse than what the Soviet Union did!
Mozilla and other companies have started a new website Stopwatching.Us to help get the full information on this dangerous spying activity.
Several senators have re-introduced a bill to end this abuse of power.

PS. And apparently, the NSA also doesn't care about copyrights. They stole the PRISM logo.


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With better gun control coming up soon in the US, the gun lobby has shown to have no arguments and dug up the old meme about the Nazi gun control law.
The online magazine Salon Has now clearly debunked this BS.
It is long overdue that we get better gun control here in the US.


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The Huffington Post now projects that Obama won the election!
And all these Republican idiot rape apologists lost!
Now we can get past the Tea Party idiocy!


  09:29:00 by Joe, Categories: Politics

With the Health Care decision of the US Supreme Court, the US has finally arrived where every other Western country has arrived long ago.
It was long overdue that the US gets a better health care system.


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