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Database programming fail


Database programming fail

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I recently got this amusing little piece of email from a motel chain:

As a Wyndham Rewards member, we hope you know how much we value you. But what you might not have known is that your membership is about to expire on NaN/NaN/NaN.
To keep your Wyndham Rewards membership active, you have to have a redemption or earning once every 18 months?which gives you -108 days to save your membership.

They obviously went with the most junior database programmer they could find. Probably somebody who just read a "Teach yourself database programming in 24 hours" book :D

Update: They sent me another email, claiming that the previous email was sent in error:

So if you just got a message from us saying your account was about to expire, well, that's our fault?and we're extremely sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

They didn't address the "NaN" (Not a Number) database query error, though ;)

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