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Automatic Win10 Update Removal


  17:37:00 by Joe, Categories: General

Today my laptop with Win7 on it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.
I clicked on 'No' (actually, I was more like "f-ing hell, NO!".)
But this POS update program started to download it anyway...
So, the first thing I did was to kill the process with Task Manager. I control what is downloaded, not Microsoft!
Next, I decided to get rid of that idiot program altogether.
It is called gwx.exe. GWX presumably stands for "Get Windows 10" (X being the Roman numeral for 10.)
Of course, simply deleting the file didn't work, since it is owned by TrustedInstaller, and even as Admin, it is not deletable.
But of course, there are always ways to get rid of things. Rebooting into Safe Mode, and then deleting it, would be one way.
A quick Google search resulted in a faster way. This webpage explains it in detail. I like the nice touch at the end of the page ;)
Microsoft still hasn't learned that this kind of stuff is a big no-no! Idiots!

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