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Trump is a spammer!


  22:32:00 by Joe, Categories: General

I haven't had political spam in quite a while, the last time was a Dem Congressperson in Massachusetts, and a Republican judge in Texas who lost her primary race.
Now, the idiot and disgrace to every American Donald Trump has bought a spammer's email list and spammed me with a donation solicitation email. It showed up in my Yahoo email account, which I don't use, because it only gets spam. He used a recipient name which isn't my name, but has the same initials and last name (a person with the name lived in Albuquerque and apparently died earlier this year.)
I have seen spam using that name for a while in my Yahoo account.
Of course, as with all the stuff this idiot Trump writes, it is big in simple words and very very small in actual substance. Actually, there is no substance at all. Trump is all simple, capitalized words and no substance.
Examples from that spam:

We are going to start winning so much that you are going to get used to winning!

We have a HUGE opportunity to win!

So, Trump bought an email list from a spammer. Which of course makes him a spammer as well.
Spammers like Donald Trump are the scum of the Earth! They are not even human!

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