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  23:51:00 by Joe, Categories: General, Spammers , Tags: namecheap, registrar, spam
For a few years, I have been registering my domains with Namecheap, a reseller of eNom. I came to them from GoDaddy, back when GoDaddy supported the SOPA/PIPA legislation in the US Congress, which would have crippled the Internet. Namecheap was an outs… more »


  23:17:00 by Joe, Categories: Politics, Spammers , Tags: massachusetts, niki tsongas, spam
I have posted about this stupid Congressperson from Massachusetts before. She is back at it again, sending her stupid political spam messages to somebody in California, when her district is on the other side of the country... What an idiot. Why did the… more »


  10:43:00 by Joe, Categories: Spammers , Tags: george bush, laura bush, spam, texas
The Bush family apparently also buys email addresses. That makes them spammers. They sent me this turd: Dear Danny, Your generous support through our years in the White House meant so much to President Bush and to me. George based his Presidency o… more »


  14:18:00 by Joe, Categories: Politics , Tags: massachusetts, niki tsongas, spam
A year and a half ago I got some political spam from Massachusetts Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Since then, that source of spam had gone quiet. Until today... This brainless person from Massachusetts has again started to spam me who is living in Califor… more »


  15:37:00 by Joe, Categories: Politics, Spammers , Tags: rose vela, spam, texas
Rose Vela, the Texas district judge who had the extraordinary stupidity to buy email lists from spammers and spam people outside her state, deservedly lost in the primary election for Texas Supreme Court justice. As I've said before, spammers belong in… more »


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